Chair Size

Seat Depth

Standard or Deep

All of our Gliders (and some of our stationary chairs) come in a Standard or Deep Seat option.

The Standard Seat is a good universal fit for everyone, while the Deep Seat is typically a bit more comfortable for anyone of  average height or taller.

Back Height

Low or High

All of our Fan Back Style Gliders and Chairs come in a Low or High Back option.

This option is more about looks than anything. That said, the High Back does allow you to lean back, or use a small pillow behind your head. The Low Back is great if you are placing the item in front of a window.

Note: All Ranch Style products have a High Back by default.

Seat Width

24", 19.5", or 22"

All Adirondacks, Gliders, and any items labeled "Captain's" have a seat width of 24".

All Dining, Bar, or Pub Chairs, and any items labeled "Narrow" have a seat width of 19.5".

Our Wide Swivel Dining, Bar and Pub Chairs have a seat width of 22".

Color Selection

Add a Cup or Stemware Holder to any item.

The Cup Holder is 3 1/8" in diameter and is designed to hold most any cups, bottles, cans, etc. 

The Stemware Holder is specifically designed to hold a stemmed wine glass.