Our Favorite Color Combinations

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Our Favorite Color Combinations

Rustic browns or tropical blues? Customization is our specialty, and with 24 color options, the possibilities are endless! Let us help you make the decision on colors easier. We've gathered photos of some of our favorite color combinations - read on and begin dreaming up your perfect outdoor space!


Mahogany / Teak Accents / Teak Frame:



Teak / Mahogany Accents / Mahogany Frame:



Cedar / No Accents / Black Frame:


Weatherwood / No Accents / Sand Frame:


Weatherwood / No Accents / Mahogany Frame:


Weatherwood / Teak Accents / Teak Frame:


Sand / Weatherwood Accents / Teak Frame:


Hickory* / No Accents / Mahogany Frame:



Pale Aspen* / No Accents / Teak Frame: 


Pale Aspen* / No Accents / Mahogany Frame:


Cedar / No Accents / Teak Frame:



Sand / No Accents / White Frame:



All Teak:


All Sand:


Greys, Blacks, and Whites


Slate Grey / No Accents / White Frame:


Slate Grey / Sand Accents / Sand Frame:


Slate Grey / Black Frame:


Driftwood Grey* / Black Frame:


Black / Weatherwood Accents / Black Frame:



All White:


All Black:




Bahama Blue / Aruba Accents / White Frame:


Aruba / Sand Accents / Sand Frame:


Aruba / White Frame:


Navy / Sand Accents / Sand Frame:


Navy / Brick Red Accents / Sand Frame:


Weatherwood / Pacific Blue Accents/ Sand Frame:



Pacific Blue / Sunset Red / White Frame:



Bahama Blue / Sand Accents/ Sand Frame:


Lime / Aruba Accents / Sand Frame:


Forest Green / Teak Accents / Teak Frame:


Weatherwood / Forest Green Accents / Teak Frame:


Sand / Forest Green Accents / Sand Frame:


Yellows, Oranges, and Reds

Lemon / Sand Frame:


Tropical Orange / Weatherwood Accents / Sand Frame:


Brick Red / Slate Grey Accents / White Frame:


Brick Red / Cedar Accents / Teak Frame:


Single Chairs - Lime / Sand Frame, Lemon / Sand Frame, Bahama Blue / Sand Frame, Tropical Orange / Sand Frame

Double - Teak / Mahogany Frame


Lemon, Aruba, Bubble Gum, Lime / Sand Frame on All:


Forest Green / Lemon Accents - Mahogany Frame, Sunset Red / No Accents - Mahogany Frame:

*Premium Woodgrain - Additional Charge Applies

Did you find a favorite color combination? We sure hope so! If you're still uncertain, stop by our Showroom just south of Springfield and north of Branson (225 Mulberry Rd, Highlandville, MO 65669). We have color samples, and will be glad to talk through color options with you. If you are out-of-state, feel free to contact us regarding color samples and/or renderings. You can reach us by calling 417-830-9026 or emailing info@outdoorwonders.com.

Frame Color Options:

Main / Accent Color Options:

Check out our Customization page to read more about color options.